HighTech Engineering develops en manufactures a large variety of systems, which are produce as a  proto-type or in little series. You can think about automation machinery for:

                        ·         Production

                        ·         Assembling

                        ·         Packaging

                        ·         Checking


HighTech Engineering is active in a lot of different industrial areas and activities. The variety in the field of activities makes it possible to apply interesting experiences and developments for other industries. Benefit also from our knowledge of the latest technologies and our eye for profitability and efficiency. Because stagnation means decline. Interested, please contact us. 



Our know-how can be as broad as the variety of products available today. The technology to make products — that’s our key. We are always open to the input of our customers who have thorough knowledge of their product. We combine this knowledge with our experience of many years, our extensive technical know-how and our healthy ambition to find a solution to any problem.
From local businesses to multinationals, everyone can count on our full commitment, our innovative view, our pragmatic approach and our ability to solve problems.
We ensure that your investment will visibly increase your profitability!

                    Example of an IML-automation

HighTech Engineering is also specialised in manufacturing IML-automations (patent pending) and pick & place systems. These systems are characterised by it's flexibility and very high speeds and accuracy (servo). Please contact us for precise details and option abilities.



For developing and building an assembly line you can also rely on HighTech Engineering.

We can develop a complete assembly machine that combines the various components to create a semi-finished or end product either semi-automatically or fully-automatically.

We can also help you in early supplier involvement. We can be involved throughout the development process of your product to help you implement efficient modifications or valuable additions.


                   Example of an assembly machine


We also will find the right method to pack your products carefully and quickly. Every product is different and requires different treatment. In order to develop the ideal packaging machine, we are often involved in the development of the packaging itself. Integrating the development of the packaging and the machine helps to save time and materials.




HighTech Engineering does not only build complex production systems, but can also make checking, testing and measuring tools. Strict product liability laws as well as the enormous importance of your reputation as a reliable company have created a great demand for high-precision in-line and off-line testing equipment.


We can use a wide variety of technologies to perform checks with regard to dimensions, leak-tightness, durability, wear resistance, and weight. For example, camera systems as well as optical sensors can perform high-precision measurements in a production line or in a standalone machine in order to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of your products.



You have a new, innovative idea and you are looking for an expert professional to help you turn it into reality. This is another situation in which you can rely on our know-how and our absolute confidentiality.
Together with you, we will look for the right technical solution to turn your idea into reality—a process during which the speed of thinking and acting is essential in order to minimise the time-to-market. At the same time we will look for the most profitable production method.


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