Your innovations are vital to your company. This sets high standards for HighTech Engineering as your equipment supplier. That’s why HighTech Engineering is very flexible when it comes to knowledge and capacity. The compactness of the HighTech Engineering organisation, the high level of technical know-how, flexibility and passion for machinery makes that possible. That's why the compactness of our organisation and the short communication lines guarantee maximum attention for your orders. HighTech Engineering encloses the entire activities that are necessary for the realization of the systems. You can rely on the following activities:

·         Consultancy

·         Project management

·         Engineering

·         Manufacturing

·         Panels

·         Assembling en Testing

·         Put in operation and Training

·        Service

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We listen and make an inventory. Then we will give answers based on knowledge and information. HighTech Engineering is able to carry out a thorough technical feasibility inquiry. We provide a solid advice when it comes to production processes and machine concepts. A thorough review of your existing production process may be advisable in order to improve your competitiveness. Often we see that relatively simple adjustments are often sufficient to significantly increase capacity, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Project management


Every customer is ensured of personal guidance by one of our project managers. He coordinates the entire process, ensures smooth communication, and monitors the quality, budget and schedule. He is your contact and provides access to all our disciplines: consultancy, works office, engineering, production, assembling, put in operation, testing and service. The project manager is also the efficient link between your product knowledge and our expertise in mechanical and automotive engineering.

Our project manager ensures that you receive all relevant information to allow you to keep a total overview in an efficient way. During crucial stages, contacts will be extensive because every machine must operate exactly in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of our customer.

The importance of choosing the right partner is obvious. Afterwards you always know. HighTech however, will not disappoint you! We carry out your project from specification until putting into working order. Clear communication, quality, delivery time and service are the most important criterion. HighTech Engineering however, will also continuously watch the costs. 




  • Construction: the designers and engineers at HighTech Engineering are using modern CAD design systems. During project consultation, the design is continuously evaluated and verified at the technical specification. This specification is established with the ordering party. We deliver a complete technical document. With this document, the machine or automation can be build and maintained in conformity with CE.


  • Controlling: the controls department has a wide range of knowledge on different brands (such as: Omron, Siemens, Festo, SMC..) when it comes to applications for special machine building. There is specific component knowledge present of sensors, actuators, programming environments and controls, like High-end:
    • PC en PLC controlling;
    • HMI / SCADA (touch panel, function keys, PC…);
    • Motion control (servo, frequency converters, step control…);
    • Industrial networks (Profibus, devicenet…);
    • Vision;
    • .....



The manufacturing of the specific machine parts is carried out by HighTech Engineering itself. Only exclusive specials are manufactured by machine factories within the HighTech Engineering network. Working like this results that HighTech Engineering can realize machine parts very competitive and with a maximum flexibility in production techniques and capacity 





HighTech Engineering also manufactured his own electrical panels, where the customer can choose his own components




Assembling and Testing


The assembling and testing of the mechanical and electrical section of the machine or tool is done in our modern equipped workshop. All facilities, like measuring equipment, tools and machining are available for the mechatronica specialist. In here mechanics, electrics and control are integrated into a HighTech total solution.



Put in operation and Training


After the complete machine has been assembled and tested, the machine will be put in operation at the plant of the customer. Next the operators will be instructed how to operate the machine by using the manual. After this training the operator will know how to use the machine in the right way with all its options. Also is it possible that more standard and customer made industrial automation courses can be given.



HighTech Engineering gives a 24 hours/day service, because it knows how important it is for the continuity of your production. That’s why HighTech Engineering is only satisfied when its costumer is satisfied.


All our automation machines have a remote connection, so we can immediatly look into the machine and solve the problem, 24 hours/day!

Our service telephone number = 0610656456


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